The Personality Traits You Need to Kick CIRS


You will need certain personality traits to succeed in healing from CIRS. If you don’t possess them yourself, you will have to either develop them or borrow them from an ally.

— A Buddhist/ Yogi–If you are not yet a Buddhist or a Yogi, you will become one because everytime you get attached to something (a blanket, a person, a child, a routine, place, a feeling) it will get slapped out of your hands over and over. It’s devastating only from a conventional mindframe, which we all start with. So…it’s devastating. Until it isn’t. Sarah Riley Mattson calls this “Enlightenment at gunpoint.”

— A Camper– Your health and future might literally hinge on you being able to buck up and pee in a jar, take bucket showers outside and use a campstove. If you have a history of doing this, you are at an advantage. If you don’t, find a guide and a shoulder to cry on.

— A Tomboy/Lumberjack– This is the antithesis of a glam girl or metrosexual. The first thing to go is your hairstyle. You have to wash your head every night before bed, so you will literally have bed head everyday from now until you are healthy again. This is the smallest of losses compared to what else you will face, but if you must grieve your hairstyle, get on with it. You will also likely have to wear clothes you hate from Walmart. There are many more losses to come around being removed from civilisation, so if you have a part of you that enjoys being away from civilisation already, and are not too invested in your image, you are at an advantage.

— A Rebel– If you give no fucks about what people think of you, you are at an advantage. Because you will point blank have to shut people down when they want to hug you or come see your space. You will have to dump water over your head in a parking lot. You have to always keep focused on the goal of your health and if people get offended, fuck them.

— Tenacious D– You do NOT need to be an optimist or recite positivity mantras to manifest vibrant health, although it might help. You are allowed to completely fall apart emotionally over and over. But you will notice that there is time that follows your crying jags. There’s a lot of time. And a lot to do. Just keep doing the next one thing you can do. There will be lots of moments when you have no idea what to do next. Or when you have an enormous pile of physical work you have to do while you feel like complete shit. Just. Keep. Moving.

— A Logistician– If you are the kind of person who can plan a trip while selling your house while managing several supplement and medication protocols, you are at an advantage. However, many people with CIRS struggle with brain fog. There is an impossible amount to organize. Get some help if you can.

— An Introvert– It helps a lot of you like your own company. You will spend a lot of time alone because you need to have that much control over your environmental microbiome. Unfortunately, other people who have CIRS can make you sick, so there’s no commune you can go to to heal from this. If you don’t mind solitude, you are at an advantage.


**Don’t do a mold sabbatical unless you have settled your affairs at home because you may not be able to return home without extreme disability due to increased reactivity once you’re detoxing. Be prepared to stay away until you have passed “through the eye of the needle.”


** Like everyone, you will do half measures until you learn the hard way. You will mistake your masked reactivity for an immune system that is functioning and try to get away with whatever shortcuts you can. (using laundromats, washing your bed clothes with your day clothes, etc.)This is normal and inevitable because at your more sensitive state, before passing through the eye of your needle, you will end up doing an unfathomable amount of work. You can only fathom it little by little.

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